Mediums are a character type featured in Murdered: Soul Suspect. They possess the unique ability to communicate with those in Dusk, unlike many other humans. This aids Ronan O'Connor in his search for the Bell Killer throughout the game, as his main ally Joy is one, as well.

Known MediumsEdit


Cassandra is the mother of Joy, and a known medium. She possesses the unique ability, and uses it in her journal and investigations to aid the Salem Police Department in their investigation of the Bell Killer. Her journal remnants can be found scattered throughout the game.


Joy is the daughter of Cassandra and is the most influential medium of the game. She encounters Ronan in the attic of the St. Benedict's Church, where she is discovered to be a medium when Ronan attempts to possess her. Over the course of Murdered: Soul Suspect, she becomes a valuable asset to Ronan in his search, and the two begin to bond overtime.


Sophia was a medium and a victim of the Bell Killer via a medieval chair and drowning device. She is deceased at the time of Murdered: Soul Suspect, and cannot speak due to her way of death. She guides Ronan through the cemetery to the place of her death to discover that she was asked about a "Contract with the Devil", something mediums during the Salem Witch Trials were accused of.

Iris & RoseEdit

Iris and Rose are twin Mediums first encountered at the Mental Hospital inside Iris's Room, where Rose is possessing Iris to, possibly accidentally, make her go insane. The Bell Killer initially captured them to burn them at the stake because of a "Contract", the same contract the Killer accused Sophia of. Rose managed to free Iris, but the Bell Killer grabbed Rose and burned her before Iris could do the same.