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Iris Campbell is a character featured in Murdered: Soul Suspect. She first appears when Ronan and Joy go to the mental asylum to find her. Her and her twin sister, Rose, are both Mediums who are targeted by the Bell Killer for supposedly having a Contract with Demons, like Mediums of the Puritan era during the Salem Witch Trials were.


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Before the events of Murdered: Soul Suspect, the Bell Killer targeted her and her sister, both mediums, and kidnapped them. He then attempted to burn them at the stake, just as they would have been in Puritan times. Rose managed to free Iris, but not before the Bell Killer grabbed Rose and burned her at the stake. Rose then possessed Iris and drove her insane in order to get her into the mental asylum, away from the Bell Killer.

Murdered: Soul SuspectEdit

During the events of Murdered: Soul Suspect, she is tracked down to the Mental Asylum after Joy points out that her mother, Cassandra, was looking for Iris to investigate on the Bell Killer.

Once Ronan and Joy first meet Iris she appears paranoid, insane, and has the ability to see Ronan. She is scribbling many different drawings on the wall, which upon commenting on the fact that they must mean something, Ronan chooses to investigate. It is shortly revealed afterwards that Iris is possessed by Rose, her sister. This explains why Ronan could not possess Iris earlier. The four of them escape the asylum and Iris goes to the St. Benedict's Church for safety.

Iris is killed by being crushed with a heavy stone statue when the Bell Killer reaches the Church. This is when a thought to be witch would be buried in a mount of rocks until their body was crushed, another Puritan execution tradition.

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