Info About My Killer is a Side Case of collectibles. These items can be found all around Salem, and provide small pieces of information about the Bell Killer or victims.

There are thirty-nine total "Info About My Killer" clues that can be found throughout the game. Finding them all unlocks "The Bell Killer's Story"Achievement/Trophy.

List of clues Edit

Name of the Clue General Location Detailed Location Text
News article #1 Apartments First floor, on a table in the corridor, near the two people talking Though the city of Salem has seen its rates of violent deaths increase sharply in the last few months, the Salem Police Department is unwilling to state officially that the deaths are connected. "It's been a rough couple of months" said SPD spokesperson Ingrid Larsen "but it would be irresponsible to jump to conclusions about any of these deaths, much less a connection between them. We are investigating each of them thoroughly, and making judgement based purely on the evidence."
Warning Poster Apartments Ground floor, on the wall in the corridor While police are not pointing to a serial killer, in the face of a string of deaths they are advising people to stay home at night and to keep doors locked while at home.
K. Douglas Personal Info Police Station Top floor, first office on the left, on the desk Karen Marie Douglas. Female, 37 years of age, accountant, unmarried. No criminal record, no violent relationships. Socially known for Wednesday Ouija board parties.
K. Douglas Police Progress Police Station Top floor, first office on the left, on the desk Virtually no evidence at the scene of foul play, except bell symbol. No prints, no DNA, no immediate suspects.
C. Nelson Personal Info Police Station At the end of the ground floor, first interrogation room on the left Claire Anna Nelson. Female, 20 years old. Student.
C. Nelson Police Progress Police Station At the end of the ground floor, on a bench facing the hallway with the holding cells There are still no suspects in the case. Accident has not been ruled out, but the only evidence of foul play was a bell symbol drawn with a felt pen. No prints on the pen.
A. Grace Personal Info Police Station Top floor, on a desk in the little break area Anne Grace (no legal middle name). Female, 22 years old. No immediate family. Publicly went by the name "Madame Agatha", a novelty fortune teller.
Status A. Grace Police Progress Police Station Ground floor, third office on the right, on the desk Another case of seeming accident, except for the bell symbol, drawn by a gloved finger in the dust on the window.
G. Sodeberg Personal Info Police station Ground floor staircase, on a wooden case near the demonic mud. Greta Sodeberg. Female, 17 years old. Death occurred one week befor high school graduation.
G. Sodeberg Police Progress Police Station Ground floor, first office on the right on the desk The rocks in her pockets could point to a suicide or a dare by classmates. There's no evidence of violence, and no current suspects.
Map of Killings Police Station Conference room, at the far end of the top floor We are exploring the possibility of a connection between the deaths listed on the map. Do not make public comment on the connection until officially authorized.
Missing Persons Report Police Station Ground floor, at the right end of the information desk when facing the desk Jennifer Gelbach, female, white, slim build. Last seen by friends in Ashland's Hill Cemetery, after a party with fellow cheerleaders. Missing two days.
Witness Description of Clothing Police Station Ground floor, on the wall near the toilets Witness said she saw a man in a dark hoodie, matching the public description. Dark pants and shoes. did not get a look at his face.
Suspect Released Police Station Ground floor, note on wall just to the right of entrance Detained young male with hooded sweatshirt. Released after rock solid alibi.
Killer's Profile Police Station Top floor, on the wall near the two policemen talking beside a double door, just after the staircase with the demonic mud Suspect is male, likely without immediate family. Able to move about the city freely. Only spotted a handful of times near the crimes.
Spray-Painted Graffiti Cemetary In a mausoleum. Bell killer graffiti is unlikely the work of the killer himself. Refer danger of cult status to community relations officer.
Tabloid Article #1 Asylum On a little table on the right, in the waiting area A bizarre death at Lux Aeterna Mental Hospital in Salem may be connected to a string of murders thorough the town. A source confirms that a female mental patient was found dead, strangled with a cloth bathrobe belt. It might be the first of the recent murders to be committed in such a secure area. "It means no one is safe, anywhere!" said a terrified woman who has spoken directly to a witness. "I heard there were all kinds of drawings on the walls of her cell, and that bell symbol might have been there. I'm sure it was him !"
Tabloid Article #2 Asylum On a table in the women's low security ward, near the cell with the ghostly manacles In a shocking new discovery, our staff have found compelling evidence that recent brutal murders in Salem repeat another unresolved killing spree from 1972-73. Like the current spree, the killings were all unconventional , bizarre, and unsolved. And they all bore the mark of a bell. Not as prominently as recent murders, but definitely a similar "signature" style mark. While Salem Police were unwilling to comment on any relationship to their old case file, the evidence is overwhelming that a serial killer has returned to Salem to wreak a new reign of terror, or a copycat killer has done his research.
News Article #5 Asylum On a little table in the high security ward, on the right of the first electronic door after meeting with Joy again In a Salem Department news briefing yesterday, department spokesperson Ingrid Larsen confirmed that there has been no suspect arrested, and that there are no new leads in the case. "While we urge the citizens of Salem to be calm and to carry on with their normal lives" said Detective Larsen, "we also encourage people to come forward with any evidence that may be helpful in this case. It is up to all of us to work together and keep our community safe."
News Article #6 Asylum Up the stairs from the reception area, on a table Following a strident editorial on this very pages that questioned the ability of the Salem Police Department to competently investigate the "Bell Killer" case, lead investigator Lieutenant Javier "Rex" Reyes announced that six additional officers are being assigned exclusively to the case. While unavailable for direct comment, Reyes was quoted in a recent SPD press release as saying "In a department of this size, this represents an enormously significant shift of resources, which should reassure citizens of the gravity of this case and our resolve to bring it to a conclusion."
Tabloid Article #3 Asylum On a table near the stairs int the reception hall No one has been able to solve the mystery of the "Bell Killer" in Salem. Not even the mystery of the symbol itself ! Since there seems to be no bell at the scene of each crime, could it be that the killer is leaving an "autograph" of sorts, a statement of identity? If it has to do with his origins, the logical conclusion would be that the killer originally hails from Philadelphia, another city rich in history, and home of the most famous bell in America. But are police willing to consider this bold approach, if it means solving the case and saving dozens of lives ?
Poem 1 Judgement house On the wall up the stairs on the left side of the house She who does the devil's dance / Shall drop and crack and sway / And jig upon the rope perchance / The devil's dues to pay.
Poem 2 Judgement house On the wall in the room with the piano upstairs. Unnatural bridge of ghost and flesh / You harvest souls as though a friend / You cut with scythe, with pitchfork thresh / Until you meet your righteous end.
Poem 3 Judgement house On a wall in the corridor Let man beware who keeps so foul / A witch from a harm beneath his wing / She casts her spell upon his soul / And wreaks damnation's reckoning.
Poem 4 Judgement house On a wall, in the room just behind Poem 3. To rid the land of nature's guilt / Through exercise of power / Requires more vigilance than thou wilt / 'Tis always judgment hour.
K. Douglas Cause of Death Around town In front of the cemetery entrance. Victim was hanged from ceiling fan. Possible suicide, but no note. Bell symbol raised possibility of murder.
K. Douglas Family Photo Around town In front of the cemetery entrance, between the picnic tables. She would never kill herself. She was happy with her life, had plenty of friends. Someone must have done this to her. They must have.
C. Nelson Cause of Death Around town Near the ghost playground, in front of the shack with the removable door. Cause of death was burn shock. Kerosene from an oil lamp covered front of clothing, hands and face. Likely a large spill, then ignited by a nearby flame.
C. Nelson Family Photo Around town In the alley next to the Salem Bank, turn right and remove the pile of barrels. It'll be on the floor. We were nervous about the amount of candles and lamps Claire had in the house. She loved the dim light, especially in her seances. She didn't take them seriously. She just wanted to talk to dead celebrities.
A. Grace Cause of Death Around town On the floor, near the ghosty swings and playground, where we meet the ghost girl for the first time. Victim died of massive blunt trauma when the bookshelf in her shop collapsed on top of her.
A. Grace Publicity Photo Around town Near the ghost playground, on the right of the big "this way to street" sign. Publicity photo of the victim. A minor tribute was held a few days later by her customers and friends.
G. Sodeberg Family Photo Around town Behind the ghosty barricade, on the way to the beach (need to hide in a shadow to get through) She had so much potential. This is a terrible shock, especially now. She had been accepted to Smith College, and was all prepared for the move.
Chalk Bell Symbol Around town On the wall in front of the Asylum gate. Detectives are trying to find any possible connection to the bell symbol : people named Bell, literary references to bells, anything having to do with a bell.
Baxter's Official Comment Around town On a post lamp near the gas station Unfortunately, we haven't made any arrests. We don't have any suspects. That's why we strongly encourage the people of Salem to contact the police with any possible leads. This is going to take the cooperation of the entire community.
News Article #2 Around town On the ground, near a real swings but on the other side of the wooden fence. Salem police have still not made an official connection among the recent violent deaths, community speculation is increasing that this is the work of a single killer. In the absence of other connecting clues, the consistent thread is the strange, bell-shaped symbol found at many of these crime scenes. No one has even the remotest theory of the meaning of the symbol, but this "Bell Killer" may have a personal reason for leaving this insignia.
News Article #3 Around town In the burning ghost part of the city, on the floor near the three people at a bistro table, between the two ventilators. Wile the Salem Police Department still resists officially connecting the recent killings, they have completely failed to address the strange manner of each murder. Where the primary cause of violent death in New England, as well as the rest of United States, is gunshot wounds, none of the recent killings have involved gunfire. Are death from burn or asphyxiation somehow on the rise? Or is there a killer with a bizarre motive exercising a twisted method of operation in all of them ?
News Article #4 Around town On the ground, near the beginning of the burning part of the city, gas station side. The FBI can get involved to support local law enforcement if it's clearly established that there is a serial killer. The Salem Police Department had no statement on the FBI's announcement at press time, but has continuously refused to describe the deaths as the work of a serial killer. "There's no sense getting the town hysterical over something that may not be true" SPD spokesperson Ingrid Larsen said in an earlier statement on the case.
Witness View of Eyes Around town On the picnic table on the beach Witness only saw the suspect's face briefly. Much of face obscured, but suspect appears to be white male with blue eyes.
Witness trauma Report Around town Behind the security spot near the Asylum Witness immediately moved to trauma counseling after discovering the badly burned body.