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Ghosts are characters featured in Murdered: Soul Suspect. They are metaphysical manifestations of the souls of deceased people or animals. They appear as they did when they were alive, although they are slightly transparent, and any mortal wounds they have received remain visible on their ghostly form.

Ghosts can walk and talk, and retain any skills and knowledge they possessed in life. Their ability to use these skills is limited, however, as they cannot touch objects in the world of the living, and cannot be seen or heard by the living.

As non-physical creatures, ghosts can pass through physical objects and barriers. Their movement can still be limited, however, by barriers that exist in the limbo world they inhabit: many long-demolished walls and pieces of ancient architecture remain in limbo, which ghosts cannot pass through even while possessing a living creature. They also cannot pass through walls of properties protected by consecration. Most of the buildings in Salem are consecrated, and so ghosts can only enter and leave them through open doors and windows.

Ghosts have specific supernatural powers - some common among spirits, some unique to the individual, based on the skills and personalities they have developed. These powers include limited teleportation, the ability to manifest or remove objects in limbo, and the ability to exert limited control over physical objects. Some ghosts can also possess living creatures, with effects that range from perceiving through their senses, through subtle manipulation through control of memories, and even up to outright controlling their actions like puppets.