“Your strengths in life are stronger in death; they become powers here.”
―Abigail Williams
“Strengths become abilities. Huh.”
―Ronan O'Connor
Throughout the game, Ronan discovers that he has several different ghost abilities. There are up to fourteen of them, although Ronan does not possess all of these powers.
  1. When Ronan enters Dusk after he is killed by the Bell Killer, he is able to walk through real world objects that were not consecrated.
  2. Ronan is able to possess people, to a certain extent; He can read minds, influence thoughts, and see through the host's eyes using telepathy.
  3. Although Ronan cannot control people's bodies, he can control the movements of a cat.
  4. Ronan is able to execute demons, tearing them from the inside out.
  5. Ronan acquires psychic abilities that allow him to view ghostly residues and "play" a scene from the past.
  6. Ronan has a bit of telekinetic power, being able to pull of poltergeists.
  7. Ronan figures out how to teleport when he is chasing Sophia.
  8. Ronan possess some sort of Eidetic memory that allows him to remember every detail of the evidence he's seen in an investigation.
  9. Ronan is able to focus his vision so that he can see Demons through walls.
  10. Abigail can possess humans, completely able to control their bodies and even supporting it with supernatural strength.
  11. Abigail is able to spawn Lost Souls. (The demon hands in the ground)
  12. Abigail has the ability to make spectral walls appear and disappear.
  13. Ronan is able to reveal ghostly remnants from the past.
  14. As a ghost, Ronan is able to talk to other ghosts.