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The Bell killer

The Bell Killer is a character and antagonist featured in Murdered: Soul Suspect. He is the mysterious hooded man who killed Ronan O'Connor. The person behind the hood is one of Abigail's possessed "puppets", whose she controls to kill Mediums, people who can interact with the world of Dusk. She uses different "puppets" for her murderers, and then kills them shortly after, especially if they get too close to the truth. Her recent puppets included Ronan, Baxter, and Rex.

Abigail lived in a time when mediums were accused of being witches and were killed for witchcraft. Abigail falsely accused several innocent people of witchcraft, who were consequently executed. The town eventually arrested her for her role in their deaths and sentenced her to be hanged. Before her death, Abigail carved a symbol of a bell in her cell, and promised to continue to hunt and "make the bell toll" for all witches.

Murdered Soul Suspect Edit

Ghost AbilitiesEdit

  • Superhuman Strength - The killer is unusually, almost inhumanly, physically strong for a person of his stature; able to single-handedly lift Ronan high off the ground by the neck and throw him out the window as well as bend a metal baseball bat with his bare hands and showing no strain in the process.

Victims Edit

Victim name Method of victimization Possessed host
Victims of the Salem Witch Trials Burned alive, crushed,

drowned, and hanging

Various Mediums over the years Unknown Unknown
Various hosts over the years Unknown Unknown
Rose Campbell Burned alive Baxter
Sophia Baker Drowned Ronan
Ronan O'Connor Possession by Abigail

Forced to commit murder
Shot 7 times

Priest of St. Benedict's Church Broken neck Baxter
Three wedding attendees Various means of murder Baxter
Iris Campbell Crushed Baxter
Baxter Possession by Abigail

Forced to commit murder
Shot through the right eye

SPD officer 1 Shot in the back of the head SPD officer 2
SPD officer 2 Self inflicted shot to the head SPD officer 2
Joy Foster Hanging (failed) Rex
Javier "Rex" Reyes Possession by Abigail

Forced to commit murder