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The Bell Killer at St. Benedict's Church

The Bell Killer is a main character and secondary antagonist in Murdered: Soul Suspect. He is the mysterious hooded man who killed Ronan O'Connor at the beginning of the game.

The person behind the hood is one of Abigail Williams possessed "puppets", whom she controls to kill mediums, people who can interact with the world of Dusk. Abigail uses different "puppets" for her murderers, and then kills them shortly after, especially if they get too close to the truth; her recent "puppets" included Ronan O'Connor, Benjamin Baxter, and Javier Reyes.

Murdered: Soul Suspect[]

Ghost abilities[]

  • Superhuman Strength: The killer is inhumanly physically strong for a person of his stature; he is able to bend a metal baseball bat with his bare hands and showing no strain in the process.

Notable victims[]

# Victim name Murder method Possessed host
1 Rose Campbell Burned Benjamin Baxter
2 Sophia Baker Drowned Ronan O'Connor
3 Ronan O'Connor Shot Javier Reyes
4 St. Benedict's priest Beaten Benjamin Baxter
5 Wedding attendee #1 Beaten Benjamin Baxter
6 Wedding attendee #2 Beaten Benjamin Baxter
7 Wedding attendee #3 Beaten Benjamin Baxter
8 Iris Campbell Crushed Benjamin Baxter
9 Benjamin Baxter Shot Javier Reyes
10 Police officer #1 Shot Police officer #2
11 Police officer #2 Shot Police officer #2