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“Your family wore felonies like badges of honour! You think this new badge is gonna cover it up? You're a fucking criminal!”
―Baxter, threatening Ronan about his criminal record.

Sergeant B. Baxter is a character featured in Murdered: Soul Suspect. He is a cop and one of the secondary main characters in the game. He is also interrogated late in the game, and has four Clues he gives to Ronan.

Killer Baxer was a killer he shot Robson Harris in the back and 4 times on the body the police station has to find the killer if you see a guy named Baxer Zany please contact the police or anyone you know. He wears a mask and black all over him and is covered in blood. Please contact us or call the police station.


Murdered: Soul SuspectEdit

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Shortly after Ronan O'Connor  was found dead, he put on his hat and mocked him for not calling backup, recieving a punch to the jaw from Rex, who was Ronan's brother-in-law. He is soon considered a suspect, and is demoted. He continues the case unofficially, however. Baxter, without realising he was used as one of the murderers by Abigail, travels to the Judgement House and investigates the killers lair.

In the before mentioned lair he is killed, whether he was possessed and forced to commit suicide or if he was murdered by the possessed Rex unknown, he is found dead without his right eye. Ronan discovers Baxter's dead body in the Judgement House and while investigating it, Baxter's ghost appears and will answer Ronan's questions. It is possible that he was murdered by a possessed man, most likely Rex, because he mentions that the Bell Killer killed him.

It is unknown whether or not Baxter's ghost moves on to "The Light" or if he has some other unfinished business. But before the end, he can be seen talking with Joy at the police station shortly before her mother arrives. When Joys mother arrives he is seen walking out of sight behind a wall.

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Baxter mocking Ronan.